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Who we are

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DMT Advisory Services (DMT) is a Barcelona (Spain) based national advisory firm that specializes in ICOs/ITOs/TGEs (Initial Coin Offerings), in Project Finance, in Mergers and Acquisitions  - M&A- , in Financial Engineering and in Valuation. DMT is a registered member of the  Europe ICOchart with full commitment to provide independent & transparent information by the ICO projects and Issuers advisored by us


We have heuristic knowdledge about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Initial Token Offerings(ITOs) or Token Generation Token Events (TGE) as digital way -carried out via a DLT - Distributed Ledger Technology application shared between users, conducted without a financial intermediary- to finance business entreprises througth the sale of blockchain-based digital tokens 


DMT has represented both sponsor/ buyer and seller clients seeking to finance -in fiat terms and in token terms- , to growth, to sell a company or division, or to acquire one company or several in a consolidation or a buy-and-build program, or to fund an industrial project. DMT frequently conducts targeted acquisition searches for buy-side clients in order to provide proprietary deal flow.  


Additionally DMT offers turnaround services, debt financing, private equity, management buyouts, strategic planning, report valuation,  and other corporate finance services (Financial, Legal and Risk Advisory in Project Finance, PPPs and PFI) and scientific financial services (Datamining and Business Analytics)


The professionals at DMT have unique experience and an outstanding corporate finance background. In addition to advising clients, many have been involved with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other corporate finance services for themselves, with their own money and future at stake. They have already experienced the situations we advise our clients. 


The complexity of business demands a breadth of knowledge and experience that is only to be developed outside the comfort zone. We have the "cocktail of bit competencies and capabilities"needed for to operate amid different types of challenges and issues. We define an specific and transaprent objective,  we identify and address the gaps with flexibility and long-term perspective, and finally we coordinate and addapt to the real complex situation as part of  a coordinated successfull plan, balancing the potential benefits and possible risks.

We are prepared for the blockchain technologie to change the business world as we know today.