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What we do

 - DMT Advisory Services


 Three main areas define our expertise:  







1. First of all DMT Advisory Services professionals are experienced in all areas of Merger and Acquisition Investment fields including:

 - Financing Transactions: Private Equity, Hedge Funds and Leveraged Buyout         

- Deal Structuring

- Negotiations 

- Strategic Planning

- Valuation and Modeling 

- Integration 

- Alternative Exit and Restructuring Strategies


2. Furthermore DMT Advisory Services, in orther to obtain bankable /equity Project Finance capital structure,  offer to the sponsors and other investors,  througtout the specific Due-diligence process, a rigorous financial advise concerning the financial model for the project they want to undertake, drawning up a Term Sheet, an Information Memorandum (PIM and FIM) of the structure of the project and the whole due-diligence process.


3. Finally, DMT Advisory Services provide advising on: 


- Initial Coin Offerings  (ICOs)/ Token Generation Events (TGEs)

- The Optimum Financial Structure of the project (OFS)

- The preparation of the Financial Plan (FP)

- Sources of Debt and likely financing terms

- In preparing a Financial Model for the project (FM)

- The financing implications of Project Contracts and assisting in their negotiations and Risks

- An Information Memorandum to present the project to the financial markets (PIM and FIM)

- Assessing proposals for financing

- Selection of Commercial Bank Lenders or placement Bonds

- In negotiation of financing documentation

- Busines Analytics and Datamining

 - DMT Advisory Services





Many of our professionals have experienced the problems facing a company owner, manager or buyer in obtaining financing, solving management problems, selling or acquiring a company, financial restructuring and many other areas.


This experience was gained by acquiring, operating and selling our own companies with our own money and futures at risk and from holding senior executive positions with large and midsize diversified corporations with complete profit and loss responsibility.


This experience gives DMT professionals unique experience possessed by very few other investment players.


 - DMT Advisory Services





Time is an essential factor in Asset Valuation and consequantly it is unrealistic to expect or demand absolute certainty in valuation. The effects of synergy on the combined value of the two firms- target and bidding firm- and the value of control have to be taken into account in deciding on a fair price.

For these reasons DMT seeks to build Long Term Relationships with clients. We prefer to play an advisory role by sitting on a client’s board, strategic planning committee or corporate development department. This is the best way to add value over time.


We play an integral part in strategic planning, providing input based on both our investment  and business experience. In fact, many clients wish to establish a relationship with DMT before the need for investment services arises.


We look forward to providing you with our expertise, professionalism and reputation to achieve your individual and corporate goals. 


We would be delighted to hold a meeting with you to study in detail the objectives, strategies and contributions that both our services can make toward your project.